HC Information Resources Inc. is offering a one-day seminar on Legionella for plumbing code officials, plumbing inspectors, technicians, engineers and maintenance personnel in public seminars or private training. The course, "Minimizing the Risk of Legionella in Plumbing Systems and Cooling Towers," includes brief facts about Legionnaire's disease and Legionella, an overview of government and industry guidelines, and detailed preventative measures for the design, operation, installation and maintenance of plumbing systems and cooling towers.

Each student receives a copy of the book "Legionellae Control in Health Care Facilities: A Guide for Minimizing Risk," a course manual and certificate.

Matt Freije, the book's author, is the instructor. For more information, call 800/801-8050, e-mail seminars@hcinfo.com, or visit www.hcinfo.com.