radiant subfloors

Lightweight & Efficient:REHAUannounces the introduction of its new RAUPANEL system for radiant heating. Ideal for retrofit and new construction applications, it is lightweight, efficient and easy to install. Consisting of REHAU's 3/8-inch RAUPEXâ pipe, aluminum panels and wood return bends, the system's low 5/8-inch profile has minimal impact on overall floor height.

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Multilayer PEX:Vanguardintroduces its Vanex(r) Ultra multilayer PEX to enhance flexibility and resist chlorine. It features proven UV resistance and consists of three layers: a thin inner chlorine shield; a center core of black Temprite PEX; and an outer core of PEX color-coded in red, white or blue.

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Flexible System:The EasyFloor(tm) radiant floor heating system fromThe FlorHeat Co.is flexible for adding any style of floor coverings. Eliminating hard-to-handle concrete and similar materials, it snaps together and provides savings in heating costs.

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PEX Staple Strip:Designed for foamboard applications, the ReddiStrip(tm) System fromPeter Mangone Inc.speeds installation time and reduces costs. Connected strips of 50 staples make the system easier to use. No individual staples to fumble with, no tape to strip off.

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