Innovation In Plumbing ... Webstone Strikes Again

For the past 50 years, Webstone has been at the forefront of innovation and technology in our industry. Dedication has been evident to its full circle approach of creating products that have better margins and sell-through for the wholesaler, quicker and easier installations for the professional contractor, and better protection and service life for the end user.

Once again Webstone redefines the installation of every tankless water heater with the Isolator EXP tankless water heater service valve.

    Easy - Easy two-step installation of your tankless water heater with unsurpassed safety, features and benefits. This is a complete inlet/outlet valve system that provides everything you need for a secure installation, including full port testing of the system and easy-to-install union connections.

    Xtra - Extra features like a full port for full flow throughout the valve, including a full port outlet for purging and testing the system. Drain your hot and cold water lines throughout the building or just at the water heater with a quick quarter turn. It also features an outlet for your pressure relief valve, and a unique one-piece design that is so innovative it has a patent pending.

    Protection - Protection for the life of your system. Emergencies are handled with quick quarter-turn ball valve shut-offs for total isolation of your system in seconds. Repair or replace your heater in minutes with easy-fit union style connections that do not disturb your piping system. You are also protected by the best warranty in the business - the Web Warranty - guaranteeing you a lifetime of trouble-free service.

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