Burnham Hydronics, Lancaster, Pa., hosted an editor's conference in September to highlight a recent multimillion-dollar investment to improve the company's manufacturing capacity, stock inventory, and also announce a new parts service and several new products.

New machinery at several points along the assembly line is designed to meet increased demand.

And to help its wholesaler customers, Burnham also leased a new building to stock boilers.

"The amount fluctuates," Burnham Hydronics President Denis Marino told us, "but we have a month's worth of stock on hand during the heating season. It's one thing to have our products readily available in May, but quite another to have them ready immediately in November."

In addition to new product, Burnham Hydronics created a new centralized distribution center stocking boiler parts. Hydrosource currently stocks, packages and ships all parts for Burnham boilers, including parts made from other companies, such as Honeywell and Beckett. Burnham also has plans to stock installation accessories, related hydronic heating system parts and other parts that are not readily available. All Hydrosource orders go through wholesale distribution.

Burnham Hydronics also unveiled several new products, including the Revolution II gas-fired, cast-iron boiler; the MPO, an oil-fired boiler; and a heat distribution line of four radiant products.