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Change, Change, Change...
Flexible Gas Pipe, CPVC, PEX, Now EasyFit

The plumbing and heating industry continues to experience significant changes. These changes have been brought on because the industry is losing qualified labor faster than it can train new people and competition is getting tougher everyday. Installation speed and product reliability are necessary to remain competitive and profitable. HeatLink has designed its new EasyFit tee with this in mind. There is a definite need for a product that is easy and fast to install, flexible, versatile and reliable. When you add improved performance, you have a win-win product. Win for the installer; faster more profitable installations. Win for the consumer; a very safe and reliable plumbing system with improved performance.

AquaLink's™ EasyFit tee uses proven “TwistSeal™” technology and is available in two styles, two port and three port with out stops with unlimited expansion capability. Each tee module can be connected together and locked in place with a simple 360-degree rotation, providing a positive leak-tight seal with minimal flow restriction.

The EasyFit modular tee features installation versatility that can't be matched! Our modular tee can be installed in a variety of piping configurations; conventional branch and tee, modified home run or home run and virtually in any position. Other installation benefits include: 1⁄2-inch and 3⁄4-inch modular tee to pipe expansion adapters and 1⁄2-inch plastic molded barb pipe connectors, plastic regular and offset mounting brackets, compact size, full flow, with 3⁄4-inch compression or crimp, 3/4-inch FIP and 1-inch MIP supply connections. Single port stops offer distribution line identification shut-off caps and 1⁄2-inch and 3⁄4-inch crimp module to pipe connectors.

AquaLink's EasyFit tee is built to last and meets ASTM F876/F877 standards. For more information, contact your local HeatLink distributor or contact us directly at

AquaLink believes in the home run and modified home run approach to piping because of flow rate performance, speed of installation, and central control benefits. When you combine those features with the benefits of using AquaLink's PEX pipe, color-coded (red for hot, blue for cold), its low flow coefficient, its resistance to corrosion and cold water pipe condensation, you have a winning package.

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