Highlights from this year's show

Traditional Modernity:The Bannockburn is the newest addition to theDanzeproduct line. Its sleek, transitional styling fits both contemporary and traditionally styled bathrooms, and is the first to feature the new Permanence® brushed brass PVD finish.

Circle 1

Best Flushing System:American Standardnow offers its Champion toilet with America's Best Flushing System, which creates a powerful current in the bowl with one flush. A Flush Tower™ replaces rubber flappers, and efficiently cleans the inside of the bowl with channeled amounts of water.

Circle 2

ShowHouse By Moen:Moenhas begun offering its new brand of upscale kitchen and bath décor - ShowHouse™ by Moen. Featuring three complete powder room collections, a full kitchen and bath suite, and a line of pulldown kitchen and prep faucets. Additional product offerings will be available in 2005.

Circle 3

Smiley Toothbrush Holder:Protect your toothbrush from harmful bacteria and germs with the Smiley toothbrush holder fromPacific Dry Goods. The silicone suction cup sticks to mirrors and tile, making it easy to reach and use. Made from antibacterial plastic, your company's logo can be printed on its surface. Ideal for home and travel.

Blast From The Past:Retroaktiv is a premium line of traditionally styled faucets fromHansgrohe. Released this year, it offers three distinctive handle designs and spouts with names of three popular dances from the 1950s: Swing, Tango and Limbo. Kitchen models also available.

Circle 4

Brizo Brand:Deltahas launched its new high-end kitchen and bath faucet line - Brizo. Designed to provide aesthetic beauty and superior performance, Brizo is Delta's premium line of two new product offerings for the kitchen and bath: Floriano™and Vesi™.

Circle 5

Washbasin:Deca from South America presents its UL 93 Washbasin to the United States market. Its dimensions practically eliminate space requirements. Made of fireclay with an above-counter design, UL 93 accents the bath with elegant, contemporary designs.

Circle 6

Concept Sink:Elkay Mfg.offers its Concept 2004 oversized undermount stainless-steel sink. For family gatherings, the 360-degree design can fit four adults comfortably, and features a 6-inch-high faucet pedestal positioned in the center of the basin. The faucet has an 8-inch turning radius.

Circle 9

'Watering Can' Showerhead:Homeowners can have broader shower coverage through a “watering can” showerhead fromAlsons Corp.The 682 Series features an 8 1/2-inch watering can style showerhead with an elegant look and ample spray coverage.

Circle 12

Bath Extension:TOTOhas expanded its Baldwin Bath Collection with an airbath and faucetry for lavatory and tub to allow complete coordination for overall room design.