See the latest in pipe-joining tools and systems.

Solder Line & Accessories

LENOX launched a complete line of quality solder and accessories. The new line, sold under the LENOX and LENOX Sterling® name, includes products like lead-free solder for plumbing and HVAC jobs, general electrical and metal working applications; as well as brazing alloys and solder prep tools, including flux, abrasives and brushes. The LENOX Sterling brand of solder is lead free and certified to NSF Standard 61, which controls the potential of adverse human health effects from products that contact drinking

Thread Sealing Tape

Contractors will appreciate the monstrous size and ruggedness of Blue Monster PTFE thread sealing tape, now available from Clean-Fit Products, a division of The Mill-Rose Co. Offered in a 1/2-inch roll with 1,429 feet of tape, as much as five times more tape than conventional thread sealants, Blue Monster seals like pipe joint compound without the mess. Designed to create dependable, leak-proof joints in general-purpose applications where a thicker, professional-grade density thread sealant is

Portable Tee Forming Tool

T-Drill Industries Inc. introduces another generation of its profit-producing portable tee forming systems. The new T-35 will produce tees in M, L or K copper for 90 percent less than a wrought or pressed fitting. So powerful that it does not even require a gear reduction for outlets up to 1 1/4 inches on 2 1/2-inch copper. Fast in, fast forming of the outlet, with no

Easy PVC Pipe Repair

NDS Inc. enhances its popular Pro-Span Series of expansion repair couplings with a smaller, more efficient and easy-to-install design. Pro-Span makes it faster, safer and easier for contractors to repair PVC pipe. With the body diameter drastically reduced, it can accommodate a variety of repair challenges, including pipes that are side-by-side. In addition, Pro-Span features a patented Grip-Lock system that allows the body of the repair coupling to be used as a handle when gluing both ends to the broken pipe; the user can turn the part that spreads the glue evenly, which is safer than pushing the joints straight

Next Generation Of Pipe Joining Technology

Victaulic’s QuickVic Rigid Coupling installs in less than half the time of the original grooved coupling. Designed to improve productivity and enhance worksite safety, the patented QuickVic rigid coupling will make your next piping project faster and safer to install.

The Style 607 rigid copper coupling is available for joining 2- to 4-inch copper tubing and is rated up to 300 psi. Style 107 joins 2- to 6-inch carbon steel pipe and is rated up to 500 psi. Both couplings feature "installation-ready" technology for fast, safe and easy connections, and a new proprietary grade "EHP" high-performance gasket for use on higher temperature applications.

QTite Fittings from Elkhart Products was PM's No. 1 most requested online product of 2007.

Push-Fit Joining System

Join CPVC, PEX or copper supply lines easily and permanently with QTite™ push-fittings from Elkhart Products. QTite fittings provide plumbing system design flexibility by allowing you to join dissimilar pipe materials with just one fitting. The fittings simply push together in seconds to create the perfect joint, reducing labor and material costs. No torches, heat, flux or solder is required. QTite fittings are manufactured from copper or copper alloys, and use EPDM o-ring seals. Each fitting is designed to join Copper and CPVC tube in the 1/2- to 1-inch size range, and PEX tubing in the 1/2- to 1-inch size range (requires a tube liner)