As a short-term replacement for the canceled RadFest that was scheduled for early November, the Radiant Panel Association will kick off its new Radiant Outfitters schools in Portland, Ore., Jan. 11-12, 2005. PM columnist John Siegenthaler will be teaching the full-day courses. The first day is Radiant Basics, which covers most of the basic knowledge needed to design and install radiant systems. The second-day Radiant Precision course is an advanced school on hydronic controls.

Each attendee is issued a Radiant Outfitters Survival Kit that includes information, references and resources - RPA training manuals, RPA Guidelines, RadPad System Sizing Calculator, troubleshooting guide, tool list, shirt, hat, patches and more.

These courses qualify for code-related continuing education units for journeyman plumbers and plumbing inspector certification in Oregon.

Radiant Outfitters also has a third program, Radiant Architecture, to aid builders and architects in preparing their design and construction processes to accommodate radiant heating systems. A fourth program, Essentials, which deals with the math behind successful radiant systems, is under development.

The RadFest scheduled for April 26-27, 2005, in Denver will still be held.