Bradford White Corp. recently published a 12-page, full-color brochure introducing its new Comfort Connect water heaters -- a unique class of water heaters designed for heating systems, combination heating and cooling systems and potable hot water applications.

Featured in this new brochure are Bradford White's "Side Connect Series" and "UltraCoil Series." These two lines of water heaters save space, energy and money by using a single source, rather than multiple heating systems, to heat interior spaces and supply potable hot water.

The Side Connect Series is designed to work in conjunction with a multitude of space heating applications, including radiant panel applications, certain hot air systems and combination heating and air conditioning systems that incorporate air handlers.

The UltraCoil Series is engineered for a variety of radiant panel installations and utilizes a patented heat transfer system that efficiently transfers heat from the domestic hot water to the heating fluid used to heat living spaces.

This new brochure also includes descriptions and photos of each water heater along with each unit's model numbers, specifications and standard features. The new "Comfort Connect Brochure" is available through your authorized Bradford White distributor.