Electric Residential

You can count on two things when your home is located 8,500 feet above sea level in the Wasatch mountains - snow and more snow.

To handle the snow loads on the roof of this 5,000-sq. ft., three-level home, electric radiant manufacturer Heatizon used a bronze mesh product called Z Mesh, as well as its Tuff Cable embedded in a heat sink. The Z Mesh is protected by a sandwich of water- and ice-proofing, with composition asphalt shingle on the surface. The panel system allows for worry-free nailing.

The Z Mesh is energized by a step-down transformer, which produces a low voltage current that does not seek ground. The roof de-icing system comprises approximately 520 sq. ft.

Meanwhile, a snow melting system using a low voltage resistant cable called Tuff Cable was embedded in the concrete in the window wells to prevent damage to the windows and interior finishes. There is approximately 400 sq. ft. of snowmelt in the window wells.

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Schubert Residence,
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Portico Project,
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