REX, or Radiant Expo, is the new name of the Radiant Panel Association's annual conference and trade show. The renamed event will be held May 9-12 at the new Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah.

REX offers seminars, workshops, panel discussions and manufacturer exhibit, all focused on radiant heating and cooling technology.

Some highlights this year include the following:

  • Industry Opportunity Day, May 9: Various manufacturers will conduct training and orientation sessions on their products throughout the day. In addition, a special "Radiant Essentials" seminar features award-winning radiant contractor Ken Barney discussing the mechanics of radiant design and installation. Also, PM columnist John Siegenthaler will teach the finer point of design and controls of radiant systems in "Radiant Precision."

  • General Session, May 10: Eric Lloyd Wright, respected architect and grandson of Frank Lloyd Wright, will be the featured speaker. Frank Lloyd Wright is well known for his innovative and creative architectural designs. What may not be as well known is that he used radiant heating in a majority of them and was an advocate of the technology well in advance of the current growing trend. His grandson has followed in this tradition and has some surprising innovations of his own.

  • Radiant Training For Architects And Builders, May 11: To further promote the use of radiant, the RPA organized a four-hour course on radiant heating to educate those who design and construct buildings. The course qualifies for learning units under the AIA continuing education program.
In addition, May 10-11 features seminars and panel discussions on a variety of topics such as "Tool Tips and Magic Tricks from the Field;" "Scaling Up for Bigger Jobs;" "Making a Good System Great;" "Greenhouse, Sportfield and Soil Warming: A Hidden Market;" "Marketing Ideas for Being a Successful Contractor," and more.

After the classes and seminars are concluded each day on May 9-11, the exhibit hall will open featuring 140 booth spaces packed with the latest in radiant heating technology and related products and services. During the trade show hours, hands-on workshops will be conducted in the workshop area near the center of the exhibit hall. Demonstrations of equipment will be ongoing and attendees can try their hand at stapling up tube or installing electric cable, etc.

The RPA's Annual Meeting will be held May 12. Action Groups will tackle many of the goals set by the RPA's Strategic Plan such as establishing an installer certification program and installation standards. This is a time when the members of the RPA can get directly involved in planning the future of the organization. Nonmembers are also welcome to participate.

Complete conference information, including an REX Virtual Trade Show can be viewed at Online registration is available on the Web site as well. Information can also be obtained from the RPA Office at PO Box 717, Loveland, CO 80539-0717 or phone 970/613-0100, fax 970/613-0098, or e-mail