A new interactive Webcard gives readers another option to receive free information for products advertised in PM over and above filling out and mailing the traditional printed reader service card.

The service enables subscribers to use PM's Web site to search for information in several ways, including looking through past issues. And once readers determine what they want, they can specify exactly how they want to receive the information.

"The Webcard has the potential to give readers an immediate response," says Carrie Martin, online marketing manager. PM advertisers will be able to access customer requests daily from a special Webcard sales report rather than waiting to respond to the batch of requests from printed reader service card typically sent twice a month.

Of course, both PM readers and advertisers need to get use to communicating over the Web. But the potential for quicker responses over snail mail is certainly there. At the very least, readers using the Webcard will be able to click directly on to a manufacturer's Web site and search for product information.

"The more readers and advertisers get familiar with the Webcard, the more both will use it," Martin adds. "The Webcard will end up saving everyone time and money."

To use the Webcard, log on to www.PMmag.com/webcard. From that point, you'll have to select a particular issue of PM to search through. (The Webcard begins with the March issue.) Readers can then search for product information in one of three ways:

  • Company name
  • Alpha listing
  • o Reader service number (including space for up to eight numbers at one time).
Once readers have made their choices, they can specify how they want to receive the information - by mail, e-mail or fax. In addition, readers can go directly to a manufacturer's Web site, too.

After readers choose their delivery option, they'll have to fill out a one-time only registration form.

"This is a big advantage over printed reader service cards," Martin says, "which have to be filled out every time."

Keep in mind, the Webcard is an additional way to receive product information. Each issue of PM will still include the familiar reader service cards.