Photo Courtesy of NOAA/National Weather Service

Louisiana Plumbing Board Relaxes Rules

To assist rebuilding efforts to plumbing and sewer systems damaged by Hurricane Katrina this summer, the Louisiana Plumbing Board has relaxed certain rules and procedures applicable to plumbing work. They include:
  • Plumbing licenses from other states will be recognized on a temporary basis;
  • Temporary licenses will be issued to all qualified applicants who pay the fee;
  • The ratio of apprentices to journeymen plumbers will be relaxed to allow three apprentices for every journeyman.
All applications for journeyman or master plumber licenses will be taken at the Baton Rouge office of the Louisiana State Plumbing Board, 12497 Airline Highway, 225/756-3434.

IRS Provides Relief

The IRS has issued several revenue proclamations regarding relief for victims of Hurricane Katrina, including:
  • an opportunity to take loans on employer-sponsored retirement plans, such as 401ks;
  • a temporary increase in the per mile rate expense reduction;
  • an extension in the diesel fuel penalty; and
  • a delay in filing returns and paying any taxes due until Jan. 3, 2006.