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Mestek Unveils New Technology Subsidiary

Mestek Inc., parent company of several notable industry names - including Smith Cast Iron Boilers, Hydrotherm, RBI and SpacePak - has created a new wholly owned technology subsidiary. Mestek Technology Inc. (MTI) will develop technologies to enhance the effectiveness of its business units and distributors.

Three new products from MTI include two new software programs, ProfitWorksT and Sales AssistantT, and the MTI Messenger, which monitors heating and cooling equipment, and can call a service company automatically through a phone line when an out-of-tolerance condition occurs.

MTI also has developed several SpecifierT product selection software packages and more than 30 Web sites for Mestek companies. Visit www.mtisys.com.

i2 Acquires Trade Service, EC-Content

i2 Technologies Inc. announced the acquisition of Trade Service Corp. and its affiliate EC-Content Inc., the content divisions of Trade Services Holdings LLC, a privately held company primarily owned by Boston Ventures Management Inc.

Pursuant to the final agreement, i2 acquired all of the outstanding capital stock of Trade Service and EC-Content for an aggregate purchase price of approximately $99.5 million. The total purchase price includes approximately $5 million in cash, 800,000 shares of i2 common stock, and a 7.5 percent promissory note convertible, at the option of either party, into additional shares of i2 common stock. The 800,000 shares issued at closing will be registered for resale with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Agency.com, Skil Power Tools Create Web Site

Agency.com announced it has teamed with S-B Power Tool Co., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Bosch Group, to provide online information services for its consumer tools brand, SkilR Power Tools. Agency.com will work with Skil Power Tools to develop a customer-centric Web site, offering service and information targeted primarily to DIY.

Electric Eel Redesigns Site

Electric Eel Mfg. has completed its totally redesigned Web site www.electriceel.com. The new and improved site offers detailed product information, literature, operating manuals and parts listings. It navigates through sectional and drum machines, pipeline inspection, and water jetters.

Buzzsaw.com Debuts 'Plans & Specs'

Adding to its online services for the construction industry, Buzzsaw.com announced its Plans & SpecsT digital plan room system, giving the $3.5 billion global reprographic printing market an online link to its customers. Plans & Specs allows reprographers to host files for their customers locally, providing in-house control. Architects, engineers and general contractors can view and manage print-ready construction drawings online, and send electronic print orders to their reprographers at any time. This system integrates with Buzzsaw.com's existing printing solutions.

Red-White Site Offers Online Ordering

Red-White Valve Corp. launched its online ordering capabilities in April. Access to the online order desk is secure and easy to navigate. Visit www.redwhitevalveusa.com or www.red-white.cc.

Standard Pacific Allies With BuildNet

BuildNet has entered into a contract with the Dallas division of Standard Pacific Corp. to provide business-to-business electronic commerce services.

Under the agreement, BuildNet will provide Standard Pacific with business server connectivity and e-commerce solutions, including the capability to request prices and quotes, issue purchase orders, and process invoices. BuildNet plans to link Standard Pacific's back-office or enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to the ERP systems of their building material dealers through the BuildNet Exchange.

NxTrend, Acorn Systems Establish Partnership

Acorn Systems Inc. has entered into a partnership agreement with NxTrend Technology Inc. Under the partnership, Acorn's profit management solution will be integrated with NxTrend's strategic exchange product line.

UL Launches Link Program For Plastics Manufacturers

Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) launched the UL IQT Link program, UL's first foray into the e-business arena. Plastics manufacturers now will have the opportunity to provide plastics buyers with hyperlinks from the manufacturer's UL "yellow cards" to key pages on their Web sites - at the moment the buyers have completed a search for specific UL-recognized plastics on the UL IQ for Plastics database.

Anvil, Pelican Forge Produce Software Library

Anvil International Inc. (formerly Grinnell Supply Sales and Mfg.) and Pelican Forge Software Co., implemented the Anvil pipe support product line as part of the SupportModeler collection of vendor libraries. SupportModeler is a 3D CAD modeling software package.