Right There In Black And White

We met Todd and Tamie Jarrett during a lunch break at a recent PSI Success Summit in St. Louis last September. The husband-and-wife team run Jarrett Plumbing, Linville, N.C. We liked the Jarretts' slogan, "Right There in Black & White," stitched on Todd's polo shirt and asked more about it. As it turned out the catchy slogan meant just what it said.

More than 10 years ago, Tamie ran a salon that was done up in black and white. Meanwhile, Todd drove a black Camaro pulling a home-built trailer for supplies. Todd started out doing plumbing repairs for Tamie's clientele. After Hurricane Andrew demolished the salon and part of their home, the Jarretts moved to higher ground from the Carolina Low Country.

They eventually graduated to one white truck with a black topper. While the slogan is hard to see on our photo, it is there under the business name on the door. After attending their first PSI meeting, however, the Jarretts figure that the slogan should be more prominently displayed.

The Jarretts currently operate a crew of six with three trucks like the one shown here, plus a minivan with a similar color scheme.