Former PM columnist Frank Blau was presented with the Service Roundtable's Servant Leader Award in recognition for a lifetime's service to others in the plumbing industry. Rarely given, this is the highest honor presented by the Service Roundtable.

"Frank started out turning a wrench, learned how to turn a profit, and then passed his knowledge on to thousands of contractors," said Matt Michel, Service Roundtable CEO.

Blau is widely known for being the first contractor to use flat rate pricing and for his business management training. He is also credited with the introduction of numerous operational and marketing innovations.

"I know many very successful plumbers who credit Frank with their success," said Randall Hilton, the Service Roundtable's Plumbing Czar and successor to Blau as a PM service business columnist. "He taught them how to make money, encouraged them to pay employees well, to offer health care, to create retirement programs, and to share their knowledge with others. Consider the people Frank has directly helped and add the people they helped, whether family members, employees, or other contractors. It's not a stretch to say Frank has made a positive impact in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people."

Candidates for the Servant Leader Award are nominated by Service Roundtable members and reviewed by an internal committee.

"Those who know Frank know he has a heart of pure gold. He is a true servant leader," said Michel. "Through a lifetime of service, Frank helped thousands. Through them, he improved an industry."

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