According to KWD-globalpipe, some major companies in the manufacturing world have expanded their production of PEX.

Uponor WIRSBO, which pioneered PE-Xa (Engel process), acquired PE-Xb manufacturer Plasco of Regina, Canada. Sales from this move reached $246 million last year with a staff of 845 workers. The company also expanded its production in Apple Valley, Minn., and further investments are planned for its St. John, New Brunswick facility.

REHAU, the second largest PE-Xa manufacturer, is scheduled to open a new PE-Xa production plant at its Cullham, Ala. plant. Earlier this year, REHAU opened a PE-Xb production facility in Tortosa, Spain.

Kansas-based Vanguard Inc. also strengthened its PE-Xb production at its Burnaby, British Columbia plant. The company will manufacture a three-layer pipe under a license from Noveon, a chemical company for industrial products.

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