The creators of the Hydronics Design Studio now offer a free Area & Volumne Calcualtor

Software designers Mario Restive and PM columnist John Siegenthaler have made theirArea & Volume Calculatoravailable as a free downloadable file “Free Downloads” link)

The Area & Volume Calculator is a simple and efficient software tool for calculating the area of surfaces and the volume of rooms. Such calculations are needed for proper estimating of room and building heating loads.

The software allows uses to select from several shapes icons, such as rectangles, triangles and semicircles. An enlarged view of the selected shape then appears along with fields for entering dimensions in feet and inches. The area is instantly calculated, and can be easily added or subtracted from other previously calculated areas. Similar capabilities are provided for volume calculations.

It runs on Windows 95, 98, 2000 and XP operating systems, and includes an online help system.

Restive and Siegenthaler also developed the Hydronics Design Studio, a complete design assistance tool for hydronic heating designers.