In an attempt to bring the cost of harps down to the masses, John Kovac designed a harp entirely from PVC pipe and fittings. Kovac has been building harps for 20 years, with some of his concert harps costing more than $65,000.

On the other hand, Kovac is selling his PVC harp in kit form for $80 plus $5 for shipping. The kit builder also has to buy the PVC pipe and fittings, and Kovac says this should cost $20.

The kit includes instructions along with full-size templates. Kovac says all that's needed to assemble the harp is a saw and a drill, and four hours of time.

For you music aficionados, the string spacing and curve of the neck is based on a centuries-old Paraguayan harp. (We're not aficionados, but the design looks a heck of a lot like the harp shown on the Guinness stout logo.) The kit includes an interactive CD with tunes and video showing the assembly process, an introductory playing lesson, and a recorded performance.

For more information on this PVC harp or to place an order, write to: John Kovac, 148 High Spruce Road, Front Royal, VA 22630 or call toll-free at 866-HARPMAN.