Baltimore didn’t want Raven fans to meet the same plumbing fate as Oriole fans. To that end, the city held “Super Flush” in mid-July for football fans to simulate halftime bathroom conditions in the Baltimore Ravens’ new NFL stadium.

The event was planned to detect any problems with the plumbing system and avoid a repeat of what happened at the Orioles’ Camden Yards when it opened in 1992. After the first inning, a restroom rush caused the valves on dozens of toilets to burst, according to Sherman Kerbel, the Maryland Stadium Authority’s Director of Facilities.

Kerbel said it was a good public relations move by the football team. Tickets to Super Flush were given to VIPs and handed out as contest prizes to callers on radio stations. The event received national coverage from ESPN and the Associated Press.

The 69,000-seat stadium, which opened with an exhibition game Aug. 8, has 1,074 toilets and 668 sinks. No pipes burst and everything flushed smoothly, according to the project manager.