is a free online service designed for plumbing companies to buy and sell surplus inventory and tools.

The site is intended for contractors to make a little money on items that might otherwise lie around the shop for years, and for bargain hunters to purchase usable merchandise and equipment at cut-rate prices.

It is the brainchild of Howard Jones of Harry H. Jones Plumbing & Heating Co. in Memphis, Tenn., who has been a contractor since 1970.

For $480 a year and a one-time $40 setup fee, a subscriber can advertise up to 50 concurrent items at a time, including a picture and up to 125 words of description for each ad. The ads may be changed as often as desired during the one-year term.

Buyers who don't find what they need can subscribe to a free keyword advisory service that will trigger an e-mail notice when the desired item becomes available. Prices are negotiated by the buyers and sellers, as are delivery terms. makes its money via subscriptions and takes no cut of any transaction.

Further instructions are on the Web site: Howard Jones can be reached at 901/458-7473, or via e-mail at: