Slated for late summer with a tentative date of Sept. 2, cable TV’s History Channel will air a program on plumbing history as part of its “Modern Marvels” series celebrating various technologies.

PM’s “History of Plumbing” series, published annually from 1986-1996, served as much of the original source material used by the show’s producer, Actuality Productions of Sherman Oaks, Calif.

PM editorial director Jim Olsztynski, who edited or wrote most of that series, was interviewed as one of the plumbing industry spokesmen adding insights to the program’s narrative. Others include Dave Weiner, executive director of the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Information Bureau; Bob Kreutzer, a past president of PHCC-NA; and Nick Melas, former head of the Metropolitan Sanitary District of Chicago. Their commentary will be interspersed on camera with that of several academicians and authors.

The show will cover the history of plumbing, as well as the industry’s visions of the future. “I have seen a first draft of the TV script,” said Olsztynski, “and it is uplifting. It’s about time the plumbing industry was shown in a positive light.”

He was told that the tentative Sept. 2 air date was subject to change. Check your local TV listings.