Home Depot plans on expanding its pilot “At Home Services” program to further include plumbing installation and remodeling services, according to The Wall Street Journal.

In a July interview with the paper, Charles Berk, who heads the program for Atlanta-based Home Depot, said, “This is a tremendous opportunity. There’s obviously a very large segment of the population that wants to have these things done for them.”

The pilot program is in about 100 of the company’s 676 stores, mostly in Southern California. Home Depot will guarantee the work, even though they will be contracting the services to outside sources. The company will see profits from the installations and from selling the materials. The partners hired will be able to promote their services under the Home Depot name, according to the article.

The program could provide a sales boost for the publically traded company (NYSE: HD). Home Depot declined to estimate how much revenue would come from the program, the article said.

Home Depot already offers to install some plumbing products, including water heaters. Sears has established a $3 billion a year revenue from its home services division, in which it offers installation of the products it sells. Lowe’s Co. offers installation of items like faucets and toilets.