A majority of Americans who remodeled their kitchen or bath in the last year said they were satisfied with the entire process, according to a report from the Home Improvement Research Institute and commissioned by the National Kitchen & Bath Association.

The report, “The Kitchen & Bath Consumer Speaks Out,” found that more than 80 percent of homeowners with kitchen or bathroom remodels were somewhat or completely satisfied with the outcome, including the installation phase. Less than 8 percent were somewhat or completely dissatisfied, and only 14 percent reported dissatisfaction during the installation phase.

Other findings in the report include:

  • The average bathroom remodeling project includes new wall treatments, flooring and faucets. Higher-end bath remodels (about $6,300 on average) most frequently include new faucets, flooring, showerheads, wall treatment, lighting, and a toilet.

  • Whirlpools were purchased for 23 percent of higher-end bath projects. About 70 percent of these remodels included the services of a contractor or designer.

  • The average kitchen remodel includes new countertops, painting and wallpapering. High-end projects (costing $20,000 on average) were more likely to be professionally designed and/or installed. More than 80 percent included a new sink, faucet or disposer, wall treatments, lighting, flooring, new countertops, and cabinets.

  • About 60 percent of homeowners completed their bath remodel themselves or with friends and family. About half of the kitchen remodels were completed by homeowners.