Jim Olsztynski's Wish List for the new year ahead.

Another four years just like the last ones for the construction industry at-large.

For California and other areas that missed out on the party to join in.

Higher wages for plumbers.

Fewer workplace accidents.

Greater trade association membership industry-wide.

Members who participate.

Less government paperwork.

License boards that spend more time pursing unlicensed contractors than nitpicking those with licenses.

A single plumbing code that everyone can agree with.

More manufacturers selling through trade channels exclusively.

More wholesalers doing likewise.

More contractors going out of their way to patronize the aforementioned manufacturers and wholesalers.

More brainwashing by Dan Holohan to turn people into wet Heads.

More hydronic heating. (See what I mean.)

More profits.

As much business moxie as Frank Blau.

Fewer defective products.

Less intra-industry bickering.

All lawyers moving to Iraq.

Residential fire sprinkling to really take off in the market.

More craftsmanship.

Less cheap labor.

A blowtorch for frozen computer screens.

More facts.

Less gossip and rumors.

More logic.

Less emotion.

More Advertising in PM.

Fluffy snow that melts the next day.

No more plumber jokes.

Greater attendance at industry conventions and trade shows.

More flat rating.

A 50th birthday that doesn't feel like it.

An ISH-like trade show for North American.

A software manual that can actually be understood.

All those unionized government bureaucrats to go on strike.

For no one's plumbing to break on opening day of deer hunting season.

Less TV viewing.

More book reading.

More will power.

Fewer calories.

Hidden Butt cracks.

A scientific study showing asbestos and lead to be good for us.

Plumbers to get more respect.

Lawyers to get less.

A pennant for the Chicago Cubs.

Hell to freeze over.

More smart kids wanting to become plumbers.

Better performing ultra-low flush toilets.

Lawyers suing other lawyers for malpractice and leaving real people alone.

The federal government to shut down more often.

State and local governments to join them.

Faster page loading on the web.

More subscribers to PHC Profit Report.

A year without a speeding ticket.

An end to annoying phone calls asking if I got their news release.

More business trips to sunny places in the middle of winter.

More Conventions like MCAA's - always held in sunny places in the middle of winter.

A better spell checkur.

Birds to stop crapping on my car.

Term limits.

Big membership gains for Contractors 2000 and Quality Service Contractors.

Nature preserves where warehouse home centers used to be.

More telling it like it is.

Less PC silliness




Happy children everywhere you look.

Peace on earth.

A putter that works.

A "Big Bertha" driver.

Not necessarily in that order.