The NAPHCC’s Professional Product Line is moving slower than expected, but expanded by one last month when Hammond Valve jumped on board.

Hammond Valve is the third company to join the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling-Contractors — National Association’s product line. Bradford White and Anaheim Manufacturing have joined the PPL since it was introduced last year. Delta is expected to join the line next month at the NEX show in Toronto, according to Allen Inlow, CEO of the NAPHCC.

The PPL is moving forward with its advertising campaign, Inlow said. Print ads will be completed for the line after Jan. 1. Radio and television spots will be ready after Oct. 1, 1999, and a full blown marketing campaign is slated for 2000.

“The PPL council will be meeting at literally every wholesale house in the United States and a majority of the ones in Canada,” said Inlow. “We’re going to be talking about how to stay competitive.”

The Professional Product Line is taking slightly double the amount of time to get manufacturers to join, Inlow said. He expects a series of additions to the PPL after Jan. 1.

Hammond Valve will display the PHCC logo on all its valves, cartons and packaging.

“We truly believe that our involvement in the PHCC Professional Product Line will help us continue to meet the current-day needs of the p-h-c contractor,” said Terry Sherman, CEO of Hammond Valve.

In other NAPHCC news, the organization has partnered with Avert Inc., a pre-employment screening service.

“We’re always looking for new benefits to help our companies find good employees, said Pat Brookover, director of membership for NAPHCC. “There is a huge percentage of people that misrepresent themselves on their resumes, and this is a way to find out the truth.”

Avert partners with companies in their hiring process, helping them find out reports about the applicants references, previous driving records, credit records, criminal records, etc.

Not only will it benefit larger companies, but smaller ones as well. Brookover said there are lot of smaller contractors out there who may not have a special department used when hiring employees. Avert offers that as a benefit — to basically serve as the entire human resources department for that company.

“It’s a tight competitive market out there, and we’re offering a discounted way to keep your company protected,” Brookover said.

Companies can choose which services it would like Avert to look into — paying for each report you order. Customized packages can be ordered through the National Association, which offers discounted prices for members.

For more information on Avert prices, visit the NAPHCC’s Web site at or call 800/533-7694.