The construction contractors’ alliance (CCA) went from nothing to something in one short Dallas weekend.

The organization, which is the newest enhanced service group of the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors-National Association, came together for the first time at the beginning of April, and left town with 29 charter members.

“Combining the expertise of similar contractors in order to solve the very specific challenges facing those of us in the larger, new construction area has been a dream of mine,” said Chris McGinnis, CCA chairman. “Our meeting in Dallas has proven the need exists. The excitement and commitment were inspiring.”

Six founding contractor trustees dedicated to turning the concept into reality initiated the organizational meeting.

Initial CCA programs will be targeted toward employee management, training and contractor education. Members also will have the opportunity to form peer groups.

“If we could have solved everything alone, we would have by now,” McGinnis said. “We are a specialized segment of the industry, and we are going to work together to create the specific programs we need.”

CCA will host its premiere meeting Aug. 7–8 in Chicago. Programs and services of the Construction Contractors’ Alliance are targeted toward companies with at least 25 employees/or approximately $2.5 million in gross volume.

“We’re off to a terrific start,” added McGinnis. “There is no doubt that CCA’s next meeting in Chicago will be an extraordinary event.”