One of the best-known alma maters in the country is outfitting itself for the future. Located adjacent to ITT Fluid Handling’s plant in Morton Grove, IL, the Little Red Schoolhouse training facility has graduated more than 45,000 alums, encompassing three generations of hydronics professionals, since its opening in 1954. “By extensive modernization, we can now better meet the technical and market demands of the next century,” says Bob DeWyze, director of training education. “We’ve added innovative technology demonstrations, a new computer-based color projection system, and a dozen laptop computers to allow students to solve hydronic design problems using the latest software”

One key addition to the school is a steam system demonstrator that features a full variety of working components, including traps and regulators. The system also has a special glass heat exchanger, piping, and F&T and bucket traps that fully illustrate how these computers operate.

Another new feature is an operational variable speed pumping demonstrator with several controllers as well as a new cabinet-mounted variable speed system. The demonstrator also has multiple automatic control valves that allow students to change system conditions and observe how the pumps and drives react within variable speed systems. Linked with the company’s new Gateway communications system, the demonstrator also illustrates how variable speed systems are connected to, and work with, building management systems.

Students visiting the Schoolhouse can tap into its new “Online University for Hydronic and Steam Design Applications,” which offers ITT publications, technical information, product specifications and services. The “Online University” also can be accessed via the World Wide Web at