Zoom Drain, an operator of drain and sewer services throughout the United States, has appointed a new board member and two advisors to its board of directors in response to its rapid expansion in the franchising industry.

Zoom Drain President Ellen Rohr is assuming a key position on the board of directors which marks a significant step toward driving the franchise's expansion. Her transition from president to this influential board role underscores her commitment to fostering growth and development within the growing organization.

The company also welcomes two additional accomplished franchising experts as advisors to the board. The appointment of Sherry Rose, CEO of Stellar Service Brands, and Jessica Wescott, COO/CFO of Stellar Service Brands, signify a strategic move to enhance the company's leadership and commitment to advancing the franchise to even greater success. 

“Zoom Drain is an attractive franchise opportunity, and we’ve grown rapidly over the past 18 months as a result of our outstanding franchise program,” said Zoom Drain CEO Jim Criniti. “We want to maintain the culture that attracted our remarkable franchisees to Zoom Drain, so I’m confident the franchising expertise the new makeup of our board brings will help us continue to expand strategically and with purpose.”

Rohr started in the home service industry as the wife of a plumber. She got involved in the company’s management after her husband’s business partner died. Later she became president of a home service company that she helped grow from zero to $40 million in franchise sales in less than two years. In 2016, she came to Zoom Drain with a plan to expand the Philadelphia-based company into a franchising powerhouse.

Rose has worked in the franchising industry for nearly 20 years, serving as the vice president for franchising and customer service for ServiceMaster Corporation before joining the Stellar Service Brands team in 2020, where she held the position of chief operating officer before being appointed as the CEO in January 2022.

Wescott has a long history working in franchising. She served as the vice president of development and finance for MOOYAH Burgers, Fries and Shakes and as the COO and CFO of the Fuzzy’s Taco Shop franchise. She joined Stellar in July 2022.  

Zoom Drain began in 1995 after Criniti borrowed $3,000 from his mother-in-law to start the drain cleaning business. It launched its franchising program in 2015 and partnered with MPK Equity Partners in 2020 to help grow its franchising business. The company has added 48 new franchisees in 153 territories, for a total of 60 franchisees since 2021.

For more information about Zoom Drain, visit https://www.zoomdrain.com/.