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Whether it’s for duplexes, triplexes, bungalow courts or multistory apartment buildings, for developers and plumbing contractors, multifamily construction cost plans are of the utmost importance throughout any project's timeline. Effective cost planning is essential to ensure that these types of projects meet budget and timing deadlines.

As always, it's vital for contractors to seek out practical estimates and sourcing cost-effective materials. One way to start reducing spend and finding cost-saving opportunities is by identifying affordable kitchen and bath fixtures — such as ones from Peerless Faucet. For nearly 50 years, Peerless has been designing fixtures that look good, function well and are priced reasonably.

Peerless for pros

Peerless keeps trade pros happy by consistently offering products that do what they're supposed to do — day in and day out. The brand realizes that multifamily project developers and contractors need to stick to their budget and create a space with reliable plumbing fixtures that not only look good but also function well. By implementing ethnographic research that observes how people interact within their homes, Peerless is able to pull effective insights via “emotional design.” From this research, the brand creates multi-functional fixtures that accommodate daily tasks that tenants may not even realize are needed. Need complementing accent pieces? Peerless also houses matching and functional bath accessories including shower curtain rods, ADA wall/grab bars, towel rings, toilet paper holders, etc. offering contractors a one-stop-shop when designing units.

Functional features

On top of the goal of being a spot for everything pros might need for fixtures, Peerless also strives to ensure they provide additional value to the end user. From maximizing water droplets to easy install pieces, Peerless provides smart solutions in the kitchen and bath:

  • POWERush: Using larger water drops in a unique wave pattern for a more drenching sensation, all you have to worry about is running the water. With this technology, contractors don’t have to purchase excessive, unnecessary parts or fixtures to provide tenants with a high-quality showering experience.
  • Twist Aerator: When money is tight, Peerless’ Twist Aerator is a great alternative to save contractors additional spend on a traditional pull-down sprayer. A simple twist of the aerator unleashes a blast of water to help clean dirty dishes and get the task done right.
  • Push Pop-Up Drain Assembly: Included in a wide range of Peerless bath fixtures, this complimentary feature saves contractors both time and money while delivering on-trend details. Unlike other drain assemblies that require multiple parts (and purchases), this user-friendly accessory works seamlessly with the faucet itself and comes with all necessary parts for easy installation.
  • MultiChoice Universal Valve: This nifty valve gives contractors the freedom to decide on what type of shower valve function and trim style they want — without altering the plumbing behind walls. It also works with an array of shower trim styles. MultiChoice Universal Valve also pairs with shower trims across the Delta Faucet Company portfolio, making redesigning a breeze.

Functionally designed collections

See below for some of the brand’s best-selling multifamily kitchen and bath collections – available in Matte Black, Stainless Steel, Chrome and Brushed Nickel finishes (dependent on fixtures). Consider these affordable options for your next multifamily project, and let your tenants experience the art of functional design:


The Xander Collection lends a modern touch to any multifamily project. Its ergonomic handles, versatile capabilities and attainable price point make kitchen and bath projects all the more possible.

PM 1023 Advertorial Peerless Xander Collection


The Precept Collection offers a sleek, minimalist design that adds a modern touch to kitchen and bathroom spaces.

PM 1023 Advertorial Peerless Precept Collection


The Flute Collection features everything fans of modern design crave with smooth curves, clean, cylindrical design, and its simple elegance. The price is also just as attractive as the collection itself.

Peerless Logo

For more information about Peerless and its multifamily project offerings, visit or follow Peerless on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest.