Now with easily interchangeable drums, the Speedrooter XL from General Pipe Cleaners clears tough clogs in 3” to 10” lines – up to 200 feet. The rugged, easy-to-maneuver Speedrooter XL sports a powerful 3/4 hp motor and 100 foot capacity drums for Flexicore cable. Change drums to add cable lengths or swap cable sizes with ease. Just loosen three knobs and remove the drum. Switch between 3/4” or 5/8” cables in the large drum design — General’s see through inner cage lets you quickly gauge how much cable remains – or substitute the small drum with 100 feet of 1/2” cable for smaller lines. Variable speed cable feed offers raw driving and pulling power for long, tough jobs — feeding and retrieving 3/4”, 5/8” and 1/2” cables. To adjust 3/4” or 5/8” cables, simply turn a knob on top of the feed — no screwdriver required!