Caleffi North America has named Champions Marketing to represent their complete product line in Texas and Oklahoma. 

Champions Marketing has offices in Dallas and Houston, employing over 37 associates throughout the territory.

Hunter Gordon, president of Champions Marketing, sums up their approach, “Our foundation is our people. People who fit our values to put the customer first, no matter what. In the field, we strive to maintain our reputation for legendary customer support. We provide superior value in terms of technical expertise, communication, and customer service, aligning well with Caleffi philosophy. This all drives towards our conscious understanding of how the decisions we make results in wins for our customers, manufacturers, and ourselves.”

 “Within a couple weeks of hiring Champions Marketing they had a team of their salespeople in our office in Milwaukee for training. We appreciate that enthusiasm from new reps, especially to dedicate such a large amount of time to onboarding and training. They are ready to hit the ground running and will do an excellent job with our products,” said Roger Corrente, Caleffi director of sales.