XOi Technologies, a leading provider of technician-focused technology solutions, announces a new partnership with Pueblo, a leading HVAC, plumbing and controls company serving industrial, commercial, educational and health care facilities throughout Arizona. 

The collaboration equips Pueblo field technicians with XOi’s advanced data insights and tech-enablement platform to drive efficiency and productivity. 

“We see significant new efficiencies across the board, from streamlined communication internally and with customers to powerful new resources for support and visual documentation,” said Steve Kallan, vice president of building services for Pueblo. “Our team can focus on delivering the highest quality of service while customers enjoy the enhanced convenience and transparency XOi enables. In addition, we’re reducing the average amount of time it takes to complete a job by 10%, which adds value for customers and boosts our production.”

XOi’s data-driven cloud-based solution allows techs to utilize, aggregate and analyze critical job data and maximize customer value through industry-leading efficiency, accuracy and accountability. With a full suite of standardized workflows, job documentation capabilities, and technician training and enablement solutions, teams can build deep and easily accessible institutional knowledge bases that support real-time decision-making and data-based continuity. Service teams can apply these extensive data-science capabilities to analyze those foundational elements and strategically respond to evolving data trends and forecasts.

“In the current economic climate, commercial contractors are looking for convenient, accessible solutions that help them manage the labor shortage, streamline communications and continue to deliver stellar service to their customers,” said Aaron Salow, founder and CEO of XOi. “The unique granular analytics XOi makes available can help contractors provide market-leading services while optimizing operations to support revenue and growth.”

For more information about XOi, visit https://xoi.io