The Water Quality Association is offering a new professional certification designed for people who work in business-to-business sales and support. The Certified Treatment Designer seal assures water treatment dealers of getting knowledgeable technical support from people who design, manufacture and sell water treatment systems or products.

“Our members have been asking for a certification program for those involved in business-to-business sales and technical support,” said WQA Professional Certification and Training Director Tanya Lubner. “Water treatment dealers who themselves hold professional certification titles understand the value of a WQA certification seal. The CTD program will raise the level of professionalism of sales and technical support staff by ensuring they have knowledge of a broad range of water treatment applications and technologies.”

To earn the certification, professionals must have at least two years’ experience in the field and complete the self-paced, online Water Treatment Design course before passing the WQA certification exam. Training goals include:

  • Knowledge of drinking water regulations;
  • A focus on properly identifying water contaminants;
  • Appropriate treatment solution selection​;
  • Correctly sized equipment;
  • Knowledge of product certification standards;
  • Documented practical experience; and
  • An emphasis on ethical business practices.

The curriculum does not require the learner to secure a mentor or perform field work as other certifications do because it is not designed for professionals who work directly with consumers.  Instead, the certification is appropriate for those involved in Business-to-Business technical sales and support or public health professions, for research and design engineers, or for commercial/industrial water system operators involved in troubleshooting and maintenance.

Those who have at least five years’ experience in those fields can attempt to pass the certification exam without taking the online training. The exam must be scheduled 90 days in advance to allow time for review and preparation.

A CTD certification is valid for three years and can be renewed by completing 30 hours of continuing education and paying a recertification fee.

Anyone with questions about the program, its requirements, the exam or the seal should contact WQA's Professional Certification and Training Department at or call 630-505-0160.