Bradford White Corp., a manufacturer of residential, commercial and industrial heating solutions and storage applications, announced it has concluded its asset purchase of Keltech from Bradley Corp.. Keltech is a manufacturer of commercial and industrial tankless electric water heaters.

The acquisition expands Bradford White’s portfolio of commercial and industrial electric products to help satisfy the needs of a broader customer base and better position them for the on-going adoption of electrification initiatives in communities throughout North America.

The Keltech acquisition also begins a new partnership between Bradford White and Bradley Corp. Bradford White will supply Bradley with the electric commercial tankless water heaters that complement their safety products such as emergency eye wash and emergency safety shower stations.

“Initially, Bradford White’s Laars Heating Systems subsidiary will have primary responsibility for the sales and marketing of the Keltech electric tankless water heater line," said Carl Pinto Jr., senior director of marketing communications. "Bradford White Water Heaters and Niles Steel Tank customers interested in the Keltech products can reach out to their representatives regarding product availability.”

Until further notice, current Keltech customers should continue to use their existing Keltech contacts for sales and service support.