Blue Monster ZERO, an industrial strength, eco-friendly PTFE-enriched pipe thread sealant with zero VOCs, zero PFOA and zero lead, is now available from Clean-Fit Products, a division of The Mill-Rose Co. Blue Monster ZERO with PTFE Is an all-purpose, non-seizing thread sealant that is extremely effective sealing all types of metal and plastic threads carrying water, steam, natural gas, LP and more, the company says. Blue Monster ZERO is ideal for green buildings and LEED projects featuring environmentally-responsible construction, without sacrificing performance. The product is specially formulated for extra lubrication on pipe threads, applies evenly and quickly to threads, works well on-site or on assembly line work, and allows systems to be pressurized immediately after assembly. It is available in 1/4-pint, 1/2-pint, 1-pint and 1-quart cans with an applicator designed into the container’s lid, and sold at leading PHC supply houses. The Mill-Rose Co.