Solution to a common drainage issue
I have seen and experienced draining a water heater for replacement, and the drain is clogged and won’t let out any water.

My solution is to take a hose bib test pressure kit — one I use to hold air pressure in in-floor radiant heat tubing — and place it on the drain valve for the water heater. 

Place a bucket under the relief valve down tube. Open the relief valve, then open the drain and use a compressor to blast the blockage out. 

It has worked for me every single time, and I can successfully empty the water heater.

This accomplishes two things:

  • Not making a mess in the basement by tipping the tank or drilling a hole to empty it; and
  • Assuring the tank will not ruin my back by pulling it out of the basement.

Vinnie Smedick
Smedick Heating and Air Conditioning
Torrington, Connecticut


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