Every time I installed an ice maker supply line, I was always concerned that it may leak — pushing and pulling on the fridge. I started using 1/4” or 3/8” single-hole cable straps. I remove a factory screw from the fridge directly above the connection. I slip the supply line through the clamp, then connect the water and strap directly above the hard connection. Now every time the fridge is moved, the stress isn’t on the connection. This works for copper, poly, ss, etc.

Keith Kenagy
Aberdeen, Washington


The plastic lenses on my refrigeration gauges always seem to take a beating while in the truck or while getting ready to work on an air conditioner. Scratches and smudges make it hard to get an accurate reading.

I’ve started using a pair of thin, collapsible can koozies as gauge covers. Take about a foot of string and tie a koozie to each end. Make a small loop in the center of the string and slip the loop over the gauge set hanger. This will allow the cover to hang free and not blow away when removed. The gauges will be protected until needed.

Al Schouten
Schouten Plumbing & Heating
Sioux Center, Iowa