Aquatherm molded fittings in 45s, 90s and tees are now available for its SDR 9, 11 and 17.6 product lines. The fittings come in nominal sizes up to 10”. Short-radius molded fittings are injection-molded in the factory and come off the production line as a single piece of polypropylene. Molded 90s will have a higher pressure drop compared to segmented 90s. Segmented standard-dimension fittings are segments of pipe fused together by certified employees to create the 45, 90 or tee. The segmented 90s feature a larger bend radius and somewhat less pressure drop compared to the molded 90s. Both the SR and SD molded fittings are guaranteed to be leak-free and are covered by the company’s comprehensive 10-year multimillion-dollar warranty. Aquatherm.