Comvoy launched a structured, searchable marketplace for work-ready trucks and vans. It pulls from the most extensive aggregation of commercial vehicle details and inventory to match customers with the right work truck for the right job — across any vocation, body type, vehicle or upfit manufacturer. Surfacing results based solely on buyer needs, Comvoy supports the hard-working businesses that power the economy, the company said.

Work trucks are used by industries that comprise nearly 80% of the U.S. GDP, including general contracting, electrical, plumbing, landscaping, farm and agriculture, package delivery and more. These businesses are work truck buyers who have never had a fast, easy way to research, find and get what they need, the company said. Comvoy was created by Work Truck Solutions, a work truck configuration data owner and provider in North America, to address this chronic, costly problem, it added.

“There are millions of businesses that need to use work trucks every single day. These are hard-working people who lose money when they don’t have — or don’t even know where to begin to find — the exact vehicle they need,” said Comvoy CEO and Founder, Kathryn Schifferle. “We built this marketplace to be the one stop shop for all things work truck. Search results on Comvoy are never skewed around paid placements or sponsored products. This marketplace is built around what buyers need, and is about helping them get it. Period.”

Comvoy aggregates every truck and component (body, upfit, equipment, pieces, parts) — from OEM to upfitter to dealer. Buyers can search by vocation (plumber, florist, towing), vehicle body (crane or dump truck, refrigerator or passenger van), vehicle manufacturer (Ford, Peterbilt, Mercedes), or upfit manufacturer (Knapheide, Truck Accessories Group (TAG), Kargo Master) to learn about and find the best vehicle for the job. 


Work Truck Solutions.