ASSE 1087-2018, "Performance Requirements for Commercial and Food Service Water Treatment Equipment Utilizing Drinking Water," has been designated as an American National Standard by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and is now available for purchase.

ASSE 1087's scope includes plumbed-in water treatment devices and components — point of entry and point of use — that are used in businesses, schools, churches, hotels, and restaurants to improve the quality of the water. The standard covers all water-treatment products that are connected to the building’s plumbing system for potable water.

Examples of water treatment equipment include deionizers, filters, softeners, reverse osmosis equipment, ultraviolet systems, ozone systems, and distillers. The standard is not intended to cover products used for wastewater applications, process water, or residential water treatment.

“For decades, the water treatment industry has struggled to compose an outline for an all-encompassing performance standard to cover commercial water treatment equipment,” said Tom Palkon, executive director of ASSE and executive vice president of water systems for IAPMO. “Regulators and inspectors around the U.S. and throughout Canada have typically relied on first party performance data when approving the use of commercial water treatment equipment in buildings. The water-treatment industry, with the help of ASSE International’s standards-development team, has filled this performance standard gap with the newly published ASSE 1087 standard."

Performance requirements in ASSE 1087 include compliance testing for service flow and pressure drops, basksiphonage and bypass flow capacity during system regeneration, structural integrity, 24-hour pressure losses, 100,000-cycle (20-year life) testing, and material safety testing to existing standards such as NSF/ANSI 61: "Drinking Water System Components – Health Effects" and NSF/ANSI 372: "Drinking Water System Components – Lead Content."

To purchase ASSE 1087-2018, please visit the ASSE International webstore at For questions regarding the standard, contact Staff Engineering Supervisor Conrad Jahrling by email at or by phone at 708-995-3017.