LeakSmart introduces its intelligent and reliable leak and flood protection system for the home. With LeakSmart Snap, the shut-off valve control installs in seconds without any tools or the need to cut into the main water supply line. Homeowners can also extend their leak and flood protection even during power outages and downed Wi-Fi with the new LeakSmart Hub 3.0.


LeakSmart Snap 

LeakSmart Snap fits in any space, installs at any angle and on any type of valve. It programs itself to calibrate the torque required to turn off a home’s main water supply, making adjustments if necessary, and is strong enough to open even the toughest valve in a home.


LeakSmart Hub

Built-in Wi-Fi provides flexibility in the installation of the LeakSmart Hub. Place it anywhere within the home for optimal coverage and communication between LeakSmart devices. The latest Zigbee 3.0 protocol ensures the hub will continue working — sending emergency notifications through LeakSmart’s free smartphone application — even if Wi-Fi is down or the power is out.

Also, if a LeakSmart Sensor is placed nearby a leaking water heater or idle appliance, it will send an immediate signal to the LeakSmart Hub if water is detected. The LeakSmart System will notify the homeowner through the LeakSmart App, SMS and email that a leak has occurred and at which sensor location the alert came from.

LeakSmart is also compatible with Control4, Nest, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.