Buoy Labs and Cross Country Home Services (CCHS) have partnered to offer a nationwide, on-demand network of licensed plumbers to install the Buoy smart home device for water and make repairs or provide other plumbing services in response to Buoy insights. Buoy is rolling out nationwide access to these on demand services for its customers through the Buoy app.

Buoy is a consumer IoT device that attaches to a home water line, provides real-time and segmented water usage data, alerts homeowners to costly leaks, and gives users the power to shut off water remotely. The Buoy/CCHS partnership is the latest step in Buoy Labs’ strategic plan to provide the highest quality smart-home experience to their customers.

“Engaged, responsible homeowners are creating the need for smart homes,” Buoy Labs CEO and Co-Founder Keri Waters said. “Buoy is a sophisticated platform for managing their home water needs, from controlling their bill to making sure they are using water only where they want it. We provide real insights into how homeowners can live well in their homes and help them take control of potentially wasteful and damaging water situations.”

Every home leaks about 10% of its overall water use, costing homeowners money on their rapidly rising water bill and costing the homeowners insurance industry nearly $9 billion per year for claims from water damage due to leaks. And with U.S. homeowners spending a record $361 billion on home repairs, maintenance, and remodeling in 2016 (Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University) — and with only one-third of that money being spent on discretionary projects — it’s more important than ever for homeowners to have on-demand access to qualified repair professionals.

In line with its commitment to service delivery excellence, CCHS maintains service-level agreements (SLAs) throughout 48 states and Washington, D.C., ensuring that every homeowner who needs a plumber receives high-quality service and that the plumbers’ scope of work and availability is clearly stated and uniform across the network. The integration of the expansive CCHS network with the Buoy app brings a strong, stable presence to the world of smart home technology, and peace-of-mind for customers. In addition to the seamless digital experience offered, CCHS also provides live agents for support, for those customers that prefer that option.

“We looked at the nationwide plumbing networks, and we selected Cross Country Home Services to ensure every link in our value chain is as strong as the Buoy itself,” Waters said. “Buoy customers demand quality, and CCHS impressed us with their service commitment, the ability to meet aggressive service level agreements, and assurance that service is provided by licensed professionals.”

With this partnership, CCHS continues to evolve as a data-driven and digital-forward company, building on the success and stability of its longtime presence in the home services sector.

“Cross Country Home Services has been an extremely reliable partner for homeowners’ installation, repair and maintenance needs for more than 40 years,” Cross Country Home Services CEO Steve Upshaw said. “Partnerships with category leaders in the smart home space, like Buoy Labs, allow us to provide consumers with an even more robust suite of home services, from the initial alert through the successful completion of services by a licensed, qualified professional.”