For the entire month of March, the American Ladder Institute (ALI) is promoting ladder safety through the provision of multiple, helpful resources, all of which are available to the public for free. 

National Ladder Safety Month kicked off Feb. 25 with an emphasis on the importance of ladder safety, and last week, ALI focused on educating company leadership. The rest of March will dive into three areas of learning:

  • March 11-18: Ladder Safety at Work With a Focus on the Employee
  • March 19-24: Ladder Safety at Home
  • March 25-31: Ladder Inspection and Disposal

For all of these weeks, participants are encouraged to take advantage of the following free resources: ladder safety training, ALI's ladder safety checklist, the Ladders 101 webpage and posters. This week's focus encourages employees to take safety into their own hands by educating themselves using these resources.

"There are a lot of exciting and useful resources available to everyone during National Ladder Safety Month, with even more to come," said Ronald Schwartz, ALI Board Member and Vice President at TRI-ARC Manufacturing. "This month is great, not only because of the important information that is discussed, but also because it draws attention to free resources that ALI provides year round. Which I think is appropriate, because ladder safety is always important."

National Ladder Safety Month was also featured on Daytime TV and The Lifestyle List on March 10. The short videos outlined the top five misuses of ladders that can result in injuries or deaths, and some suggestions on how to avoid these mistakes. View the Daytime TV video and The Lifestyle List video.

Individuals, companies and government organizations are encouraged to participate in National Ladder Safety Month by taking advantages of the resources above.

Learn more how you can participate in National Ladder Safety Month by visiting