Pipe Restoration Technologies (PRT), makers of the ePIPE, Lead-Free Leak-Free and LeadSmart product lines, is celebrating National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week with the launch of its LeadSmart Lead Protection Plan for all nationwide plumbing companies and home inspectors to help ease the country of its epidemic of high lead levels in drinking water.
It’s estimated that more than 18 million Americans currently live in areas where the drinking water system violates the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s lead and copper rule. The LeadSmart program offers residential, commercial, municipal and government customers peace of mind by testing, identifying and bringing drinking water systems into compliance with the current EPA guideline for lead contamination.
“Due to an increase in concern over high lead levels in water by parents and landlords, more residential buildings, commercial properties and municipal water authorities have been showing interest in testing their water for lead and finding the cause of high lead levels,” Pipe Restoration Technologies CEO Larry Gillanders said. “The LeadSmart program gives Americans the service and solution they’ve been searching for.”
Local southern California realtor Rose Maniscalchi is just one of many real estate professionals who see the benefit in water testing for their transactions.
"A healthy home is a happy home,” Maniscalchi said. “After working with buyers on a host of inspections and due-diligence efforts, we recently conducted a water-quality test through LeadSmart and have received a very positive report that our home is in compliance with EPA standards. Hard to put a value on peace of mind."
LeadSmart is a lead testing and lead remediation service. Certified LeadSmart providers provide on-site water testing for lead in drinking water by using EPA-approved equipment, education on how to identify sources of lead in piping systems, professional remediation recommendations and a certificate of compliance. These services are also backed by a $1 million Professional Errors and Omissions Insurance program.
Certified LeadSmart providers receive training and equipment required to diagnose, detect, test and provide recommendations to reduce lead and copper leaching in drinking water systems. Equipment includes a portable, EPA-approved, on-site lead and copper testing scanner/analyzer; a fully loaded tablet with necessary forms and documents; training manual; and other materials. Providers also are covered under the LeadSmart insurance and are equipped with ongoing support.