In line with American public opinion, Plumbing Manufacturers International (PMI) members want safe and efficient water infrastructure, fair international trade that creates American jobs, and tax reforms that encourage investment and create growth.

A delegation of PMI member executives recently took to Capitol Hill to tell Congressional representatives about the important public health and economic roles their companies play while advocating for the EPA’s WaterSense program and pro-growth tax and trade policies during PMI’s annual Executive Forum and Fly-In.

PMI members attend the meeting each year to gain insights into economic trends from expert presenters and to strategize about how to further their interests within the current political environment.

“The Fly In enables us to learn more about priority issues and brings about ‘ah-ha’ moments through which you gain new insights,” said PMI Board President Pete Jahrling, director, product engineering/intellectual property, Sloan Valve Company. “I can report these learnings to my management, discuss what they mean to us, and plan how to gain the best advantage.”

The delegation urged lawmakers to support bipartisan measures to ensure that the WaterSense program is preserved and codified, including the Clean Safe Reliable Water Infrastructure Act (SB 1137), Water Efficiency Improvement Act of 2017 (SB 1700), and Water Advanced Technologies for Efficient Resource Use Act of 2017 (HR 3248).

The PMI advocacy team also urged support of the bipartisan Water Conservation Rebate Tax Parity Act (HR 448/SB 1464), which would amend the federal tax law to exclude homeowners from paying federal income tax on rebates from water utilities for water conservation improvements, including the purchase of products certified by the WaterSense program.

PMI group members also urged members of Congress to pursue tax reform legislation as well as modernization of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

“This meeting provides a forum for PMI members to examine key, pertinent issues within our industry and to develop a collective vision of how to move the industry forward,” said Misty Guard, International Code Council vice president and PMI member.