Gear Keeper’s TL1-2007 and TL1-2008 Retractable Wrist Lanyards offer nylon webbing Velcro wrist attachment straps. They are available in high visibility safety orange with serial numbers to satisfy traceability standards. Both models also offer inexpensive additional lanyard attachments for multiple tool use. The TL1-2007 Deluxe Wrist Lanyard has a side release disconnect barrel lock offering a user a comfortable, 10” extended length. The wrist lanyard comes complete with the model #ACO-0206, Barrel Lock Nylon lanyard connector. The TL1-2008 Deluxe Wrist Lanyard, which also has a 10” extended length, comes with the model #ACO-0207 Stainless Steel Snap Lanyard connector.

Gear Keeper.