The publishing company Morgan James’s new release, “The Secrets of Business Mastery: Build Wealth, Freedom and Market Domination for Your Service Business in 12 Months or Less” by Service World Expo presenter Mike Agugliaro, helps create opportunity by providing tips on turning a business from burnout to booming for service business owners wanting to take their business to the next level.

It is no secret that the service business is hard work. Providing for high volumes of customers and meeting the demands of leading a business can lead to burnout when the load proves to be too much. Using the best tactics from other successful organizations, Agugliaro and his partner, Rob Zadotti, redesigned what working in their company meant and helped it branch out and grow. They made plans and delegated tasks to their employees to help transform their business into a success without exhausting them every day like before the transformation.

The same strategies are within “The Secrets of Business Mastery," and the twelve strategies Agugliaro views as most important are highlighted to help business owners get the success they need to continue when grasped with both hands.