The ASSE International Scald Awareness Task Group, reforming to develop a white paper concerning recommended procedures for replacing residential water heaters to reduce the danger of scalding, is now accepting applications. This white paper will follow the Task Group’s four previous publications, "Guidelines for Temperature Control Devices in Domestic Hot Water Systems," “Adjustment of Automatic Compensating Valves to Prevent Potential Scald Hazards,” “Understanding Potential Water Heater Scald Hazards,” and “Scald Hazards Associated with Low-Flow Showerheads."
“Often times, water heaters are replaced by contractors or plumbers who make no attempt to reduce, or remedy, potential scald-causing conditions,” Scald Awareness Task Group Chairperson Richard J. Prospal said. “The goal of this new task group will be to discuss how contractors can be equipped to protect against scald hazards, and provide a set of guidelines for replacing residential water heaters to reduce potential scald hazards.”
Questions that will be discussed and addressed by the task group include: What is the appropriate procedure for applying scald protection when a water heater is replaced? How can contractors provide additional scald protection and still be price competitive? Are contractors aware of potential liability if they do not follow scald prevention code requirements?
The group will also discuss checking water temperatures and readjusting limit stops, documenting where water heater thermostats are set, appropriate precautions for domestic water heaters also providing hot water for heating applications, and obtaining permits for water heater replacement. Through discussing topics and questions like these, the Scald Awareness Task group will develop a white paper containing recommended procedures for replacing residential water heaters to reduce potential scalding. 
All committee work for this paper will be conducted via conference call — no face-to-face meetings are anticipated. The first conference call will be held at the end of June or early July. 
All who are interested in volunteering for the ASSE Scald Awareness Task Group must complete a working group application – even if they have participated in the development of past ASSE Scald Awareness White Papers. Working group applications can be downloaded online at Applications must be completed and emailed to Prospal at no later than June 16.
Source: ASSE Intl.