Plumbing & Mechanical; Reeves Journal; The Air Conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration News; and Service Roundtable have teamed up to launch the industry’s first major new trade show and conference in decades. It’s Service World Expo. It’s Oct. 26-27 in Las Vegas. Here are seven reasons why you must attend.


1. The keynotes.

Driving legend Derek Daly leads off with a message about creating a “Culture of the Extraordinary” in your company. Daly uses sports analogies to illustrate how organizations can get people to go beyond their boundaries and accomplish more than they ever thought possible.

PM columnist Kenny Chapman, The Blue Collar Coach, gives an all-new presentation, “The Elusive Next Level of Your Business is Closer than You Think.” It will change the patterns in yourself and your business that are holding you back from reaching your full potential.

Another PM columnist and industry marketing guru, Adams Hudson unveils “Maximum Velocity Marketing,” where he simplifies marketing to the essentials you need to succeed in 2016 and beyond.


2. The breakouts.

The breakout sessions will focus on leadership, business development, marketing and sales. The lineup of top-flight speakers and educators for the breakouts include:

  • Trainer extraordinaire Todd Liles, “How to Create a Sustainable Sales Team Member”;

  • The “Surfing Plumber” Tab Hunter, “Get Out of the Way and Grow!”;

  • ReviewBuzz CEO Mike Montano, “5 Key Strategies to Being Remarkable on Yelp!”;

  • Author and former HVAC contractor Ron Smith and yours truly, “Legends of the Industry”;

  • The New Flat Rate creator Rodney Koop, “The Forgotten Team Member”;

  • SuccessTrack Network creator Joe Cunningham, “Built from Scratch”;

  • The “$0 to $100 Million Contractor” Ken Goodrich, “The Keys to the Kingdom”;

  • SEO expert Dave Squires and direct marketing expert Mike Layton, “Making More Money by Having the ‘Brains to Know’ Where Your Market Really is … and the ‘Guts to Say No’ Where it Isn’t”;

  • Business trainer Vicki La Plant, “When Women Talk the Best Companies Listen”;

  • “Tec Daddy” Charlie Greer, “Water Purification: Why and How I Sell It”;

  • “Internet of Things” expert Gary Hsieh, “Keeping the Opportunity in Connected Products Simple”;

  • Truck wraps designer Dan Antonelli, “Marketing Your Contracting Business: From Branding to Web (and Everything in Between)”; and

  • PM columnist Al Levi, “The 7-Power Contractor.”

The challenge with the breakouts is there are too many great programs. This is why you should bring two or more people.


3. The trade show.

The sold-out Service World exhibition is unlike other trade shows. For starters, it is not laid out like your neighborhood grocery store with rows and aisles. It’s more of a serpentine layout with new surprises around every corner. We’ve challenged exhibitors to “bring it” to make the show experiential. They will engage you with hands-on demonstrations, live seminars and fun activities. This is the show that will redefine the trade show experience. You will not walk through. You will spend time and linger.


4. The contractors.

Contractors are the best part of any trade show. The contractors who attend the Service World Expo will be the best and the brightest. These are contractors who want to grow, want to innovate and are willing to share. As much as you will gain from hearing the keynotes, attending the breakouts and spending time on the show floor, you will gain even more from hallway conversations with other contractors. If you are a progressive contractor, it’s a breath of fresh air to find other people like you who want to break the mold and accelerate success. At Service World you will find them.


5. The networking.

Networking at Service World is not limited to other contractors. You will mix with some of the top consultants in the industry, the best suppliers and elite members of the trade media. Service World is designed to provide plenty of opportunities for you to interact with and get to know others. You will build your personal network of people you can reach out to over the years to share ideas and brainstorm with.


6. The affordability.

The cost to attend the Service World Expo is only $169. Rooms at the newly renovated Tropicana are also bargain priced. Other industry events offering a fraction of what Service World provides cost three to 10 times as much. This is the best bargain in the industry.


7. The location.

It’s held in Las Vegas. Yes, you are attending to learn and network, but why not learn and network somewhere fun? Plus, Las Vegas is one of the easiest and most affordable destinations to fly to from anywhere in the United States.

For more information or to register today, visit See you there.


Brain expert to explain how technicians think

Brain expert Karen Williams will address members of the Service Nation Alliance at their meeting Oct. 25 in Las Vegas. The meeting will take place the day before Service World Expo.

In “Understanding the Minds of Technicians: HVAC Surgeons on Call,” Williams will help contracting business owners understand some of the most valuable members of their team and how to work with them by exploring the inner workings of their brains. She equates technicians to surgeons. Both diagnose and fix problems, but neither wants to explain the process in any detail to the customer.

Both also ignore the need for keeping the patient or homeowner apprised of the work in progress, which is necessary to establish trust and confidence. In her presentation, Williams will combine both science and common-sense practices that can be implemented immediately.

The Service Nation Alliance is an innovative best practices and processes program for plumbing and HVAC business owners with an emphasis on preparing companies to operate without the direct presence of the owner. Industry-specific business training, expert mentoring, established benchmark measurement practices, and a mobile business foundation combine to help participants achieve ultimate growth and prosperity. The Service Nation Alliance helps contractors achieve success today and provides them an exit strategy down the road.

To learn more, go to Service Nation Alliance